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With its clean and versatile design, OverRender OverText 2022 is the ideal replacement for the old Windows Notepad / WordPad...
Write, take notes or print documents in an endless-page style environment with formatting designed for productivity. OverText 2022 is also the perfect tool for simple and straightforward text editing, aiming at breaking the technology barrier.

File details

File name: ovtxt_2022_sp3_setup.exe

Software name: OverRender OverText 2022

Software version: - Service Pack 3

Updates bundled: Yes (Service Pack 3 - Content Updates section)

Compatibility: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System (7/8/8.1/10/11)

Additional information

Since the launch of OverRender OverText 2022, we have published security updates and enhancements for the software. You can automatically download and install those updates using the CopperCart Update website, or manually by visiting the CopperCart Update Catalog.

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