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Privacy Statement

   OverRender.com is not an organisation, such as a company or a NGO: we do not make any sort of profit from the software we provide on our website. Therefore, none of the collected data is used for financial purposes, whether it be by third-parties or ourselves. This includes, but is not limited to, targeted advertisement, e-mail commercial spamming and impersonation.

   All the data to which OverRender.com has access is your OverRender software version, via the CopperCart Update Agent. Its purpose is to determine if the version installed on your computer is the latest one. In order to achieve this, the CopperCart Update Agent compares the value it extracts from your software and checks if it is the same as the value contained in a text file on our website. This value is not stored or logged anywhere (the version shown in the log feature is the one you have just installed, which is taken from the website directly). We have no access to it whatsoever.

   We, CaptainTER06 and Super Smash Game, lead developers, personally hold a strong resentment towards any individual or organisation collecting users' personal data, and especially those using it with commercial or malicious intents. We do not, and will never take part in such untrustworthy activity.

   Happy browsing,
~Your admins, CaptainTER06 and Super Smash Game.

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