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Welcome to the core! This section of the website is dedicated all the technical information about OverRender.com itself, as well as legal requirements and a contact form. Here is a description of all the pages on the core (by the order of the above buttons):

 - Privacy policy, describes the way we handle data from your computer. Long story short: it's nothing personal, but only the version of your OverRender software. We do, however, encourage you to read it in full.
 - About, gives you a description of what the OverRender.com website is.
 - Contact us, provides you with a few ways to get in contact with us. Clicking the button on this page will not send anything right away.
 - Credits, lists all the people, organisations and services involved in the creation and development of the OverRender.com website. This does not concern the authors of any OverSuite software.
 - Sites, lists all the important sites to look at on OverRender.com.

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